Vice Mayors League of the Philippines

Organization & Mandate

A Just and Humane Society, a Local Government that Shall Embody Our Ideals and Aspirations for a Peaceful, Economically Progressive and United People through Effective Governance and Responsive and Pro-Active Local Legislation.


Commonly known as the “VMLP,” we are an organization of all vice mayors of all cities and municipalities of the Philippines, totaling 1,632 member-LGU’s. Founded in 1988, the VMLP has been in the service to the local government for the past 22 years.


The Local Government Code of 1991 and our Constitution and By-Laws provide that the VMLP shall have the primary purpose of ventilating, articulating and crystallizing issues affecting city and municipal governments especially those concerning local legislation.

And to (functions):

  • collaborate with the national, local and international agencies and organizations in attaining efficient and effective local legislation;
  • develop programs that will enrich and upgrade the capabilities of local legislative bodies;
  • encourage people participation;
  • coordinate and collaborate with other leagues;
  • assist the national government in the formulation and implementation of programs and projects;
  • promote local autonomy.