Vice Mayors League of the Philippines

Message by the National President

vm-isko-messageOn the ocassion of our 25th year, I am glad to welcome you to our Annual Vice Mayor’s League of the Philippines (VMLP) National Convention. Allow me to extend my warmest congratulations for having been elected the 2nd most powerful and important elective official in your respective LGU’s.

The role of the Vice Mayor has drastically changed, from a mere spare tire or back up in the Executive department and Presiding Officer of the City or Municipal Council, we have all seen how a Vice Mayor could be useful if utilized properly by its Mayor. As you are all well aware of, such is the case in City of Manila, where yours truly has been designated as “Traffic Czar” of one of the most congested cities in the world.

It is the humble experience of this representation that made me realize the importance of every Vice Mayor in nation building and as a helpful tool or partner of the incumbent Mayor in other aspect of governance. But while this may be true in some, many areas still lack the needed political maturity to overcome the traditional set-up and it is in this regard that we should be able to institutionalize the role we play in every local government unit that we govern.

I likewise happy to note that I am currently spearheading a project called Linking Enterprise And People (LEAP 2025) which aims to make Manila, the WIFI City of the country, providing free internet access to the most students and workers and ultimately, in most communities by 2025.

Its ultimate aim is to make government services available electronically to all citizens at anytime, anywhere, using modern communication technologies and devices.

Once again, welcome to VMLP and let us all work together to provide our colleagues the service they rightfully deserve.


National President
Manila City

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