Vice Mayors League of the Philippines
A Just and Humane Society, a Local Government that Shall Embody Our Ideals and Aspirations for a Peaceful, Economically Progressive and United People through Effective Governance and Responsive and Pro-Active Local Legislation.

CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS Vice Mayors’ League of the Philippines VISION AND MISSION STATEMENT We, the Vice Mayors’ of the Republic of the Philippines, in the promotion, protection, and the interest of all Vice Mayors, both from cities and municipalities, in order to effectively and fully utilize our talents and capabilities for the best service to our respective constituents in exchange for the trust and confidence vested on us, either through elections or appointments, have assembled to organize ourselves and have adopted this Constitution and By-Laws to govern our organization.

As you have known, the Graduation Day of the VMLP Academy of Presiding Officers (A.P.O.) shall be on December 4, 2018 in Manila. There were a total of five (5) modules given by the UP-NCPAG/CLRG. As per policy, those who have attended at least four (4) modules out of the Five (5) shall qualify for graduation, 3 attendances and below are not qualified. As per our record, you have attended only three (3) modules. However, the UP-NCPAG/CLRG has agreed to offer a Special Module so that you may qualify for graduation comes December 2018. This Special Module is offered only for those who have attended three (3) times – your chance to qualify for the A.P.O. graduation.